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Our Co-Ed events are CCN's New series that highlights an Amazing Local Business right here in Colorado! This group focuses on doing business with each other and keeping business in our LOCAL area. Who knows, you might make a friend or two! Together, we can make a difference  here in Colorado!

​Would it help to have a true referral base?

Welcome Local Amazing Business Owners!

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Business Building Seminars

Designed to help you meet 240+ new women THIS year....These are our signature networking events! These events  create a more personal environment for Amazing Business Owners to Shine about their products, services and specials!  We have several of these events throughout the month, so one can surely fit your schedule!

​Are you Tired of traditional networking?


Would it help to have a true referral base?
We are a group of business owners and consumers who know relationship is the name of the game! Here in the Colorado Chapter, our events are proven to provide a positive atmosphere for local business owners, entrepreneurs, and the general public to connect and gain exposure for products & services.

Come and experience an entirely new way of networking. It truly is.. .Networking Like NO Other~ the No#1 Way to Network!

We offer Business Building Seminars that are designed to help you grow as a Business Owner and as a Professional.
You will learn something different at each event. Each seminar is given by a local professional.    We hope you join us soon for our next upcoming event

Co-ed Events